Suuuuuper Stitions

There were wise men back in the old days.  They would warn people of health and other hazards, but people would not listen to them.  Then, one day, the wisest of them all decided to take matters in his own hands and changed in the way he would warn people.  What he did was, if he wanted people to do something or not do something, he would scare them in the name of god. This is how superstitions were born.  The wise man is still fooling us. Let us call this wise guy Buddhi and the rest of the population as Peddha.

Why no hair cut on Tuesdays

Buddhi : "Peddha, where are you going?"
Peddha : "To get a hair cut"
Buddhi : "But it is Tuesday"
Peddha : "Why, Should I not get hair cut done on Tuesdays?"
Buddhi thought, all barbers were busy yesterday as it was farmers' weekly off.  Today, barbers will be resting and shops will be closed.  But if I tell him, he will not listen. So, I will use another way.
Buddhi : Yes, it is bad luck to get hair cut done on Tuesdays as written in one of the vedas.
Fact in Gist
In past days a large portion of the Indians were farmers. After a week of hard work, Monday was their resting day. Characteristically majority of them cleaned their homes and cut their hair on that day. So the Barber wouldn’t have much deal with Tuesdays and would close his shop. This practice is continued till date but the reason behind it is completely forgotten and lot misconceptions revolve around this.


Peddha started a new business.  He opened a sweet stall. After a few days he realized that he is not making enough profits and went to Buddhi for advice.  To help him, Buddhi sat in the shop for a day and realized that the shop was not clean and flies and other insects were roaming all over the sweets and hence customers were not buying. But if you tell that to Peddha, who was basically a lazy person, he would not accept it.  Instead Buddhi came out with an idea. He called Peddha and……

Buddhi : I think I know how to help your business.
Peddha : Oh, thank god, please tell me.
Buddhi : You see, Goddess Alalakshmi, Goddess of unluck has resided in your shop and hence no business.
Peddha : Goddess Alakshmi? What should I do now to get rid of her. Should I do Kubera Homa?
Buddhi : You can do that later but listen to me.  This Goddess likes dirty places to live.  She likes sour and chillis to eat. So what you do is first, clean the shop daily and then take a lemon and some chilies and tie a cotton thread through it and tie it at the front of your shop. That way she will come, eat the lemon and chillies and go without entering your shop.
Peddha : How simple, but hard to believe because there are no other pujas involved.
Buddhi : Oh, thanks for reminding me, you have to conduct Lakshmi Puja which will cost Rs. 2000/- I know of a Brahmin who can help you.
Peddha : Now, that makes sense.  I will get on it right away.

Buddhi knew a Brahmin who was direly in need of some money, he called him and explained.
You see readers, that is why shop owners tie lemon and chillies in front of their shops. But Buddhi actual intention was to get the shop cleaned first. Cotton thread easily suck out the juices from lemon and chillies and give out a smell which acts as disinfectant to the flies and other insects and hence Buddhi gave that idea. 


Buddhi says
"India’s three most favored non-vegetarian food are chicken, mutton and fish. Of these, Indian gods are pleased by sacrificing chickens and goats.  Isn’t it a tad bit too convenient"