Wednesday, 28 January 2015

God Men or Good Men????

Trust a man who says there is no god, trust a man who says there is god, but never trust a man who says he is god.  I like this statement very much.
I know a lot of people who either believe in god or don’t. But what I don’t understand is how an average intelligent man, who earns well, is able to run his family can submit to the will of another man in blind faith.
Our country is not bereft of such people.  People who will literally fall at the feet of another man who claims to be a god.  Almost everyday we see in media about such people. There are in-fact one or two who are under investigation, yet people go to them seeking blessings.
After speaking to a few such people, I have listed out reasons why God men flourish in our country.
People who believe in God Men do so for the following reasons:
1)      Want to know the secret of the universe
2)      Want to know the purpose of their life
3)      Want relaxation
4)      Want peace of mind
5)      Want success in job or business
6)      Want to become wealthy
7)      Want problems solved
8)      Want to go abroad
9)      Want to know future
10)   Want protection
11)   Want a child
  The list actually goes on, but I have listed the top 11 (Our Cricket top 11 makes more sense than this).
I can understand the people’s wants.  I am not telling people that desire is bad or desire is the reason for disappointment (When Buddha told you didn’t follow, why will you follow me?). However, thinking that these wants will be fulfilled by a guy who, due to lack of creativity, calls himself god? Don’t these people, who want to become rich, realize that they are instead making him rich?
Why would you send your wife to another man for a child?
If you want to succeed in job lick your bosses’ ass or work hard, how will a swamiji help?
If you want a successful business, cheat on taxes, cheat on quality or over price your products but keep your marketing team happy or the other way is work hard.
You want protection, stop pissing off people.
Why do you want to know the secret of the universe? What will you do with it? Find out about Victoria’s secrets instead, atleast it is interesting.
What will you do knowing the purpose of your life? You want relaxation watch a movie or someone else’s wife.
I can go on and on……..
Note to all devotees of God Men : You are getting screwed and paying for it.  There is no name for it.  Go home and concentrate on making your family happier than yesterday, which will get you all you want.