Monday, 30 June 2014

Teaching today

Guru bramha Guru Vishnu……..nice idea……..
Land where teachers are compared to god.

I wonder why anybody would get up one day morning and decide to become a teacher. I can understand a child wanting to be a teacher because of the awesome power they have, but why would an adult want to become one?
Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in standing for 8 hours and teaching to a bunch of nincompoops whose attention span is less than a lab rat’s. But look at the other options you have today?
You can become a software engineer and earn close to a lakh per month and get to boast about it.

I know a lot of teachers who are very happy in their profession (either that or they are living in denial)

 What makes this profession a thankless one (only thanks can make a teacher happy because the pay is pathetic) due to some parents who think they can run a school with a bunch of hooligans for students.

These parents think they don’t have to respect teachers but teachers will have to respect their children. I mean, I know this father who would not think twice about bad mouthing a teacher in front of his son because teacher asked his son to write neatly.
Come to think of it, father is right. He knows his son is not capable of any sort of improvement, then why bother the kid?
When the teacher told him that neatness carries internal marks, father actually replied “who wants marks sir, my son will run my business”.   He is a fruit vendor.

Today’s school is a funny place to work in. Not all, but few parents don’t want their child disciplined, they don’t want teachers to give homework, every Monday should be a “non punctual” day, if the child is not in uniform it is school’s mistake (should he wear it every day?) shoes not polished is also school’s mistake(How many times will he polish in a week?)

Over a period of time, teachers are left with two options, either do their job right and lose employment or dance to parents tune and turn the other way when a student misbehaves.  Guess which option teachers took?

Dear Parents,

You have all the right in the world to safe guard the interest of your child, but keep in mind that safe guarding interest does not mean being nice only, it means being nice and doing the right thing.

Showing anger on your ward’s teacher in front of the kid might make you your child’s hero, but what will your child grow up to be………food for thought.