Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My daddy strongest

This is one thing that all of us believed when we were growing up (I also believed growing up that Rambha’s thighs had its own galaxy).

Father was our hero when we were growing up. Father had answers to every question you asked (Our generation’s IQ was such that, even your father could answer all the questions).

But now a days children have different heros…… Sharuk Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Bebo, Samantha, Jackie Shroff’s daughter…sorry….er……son?, etc (Etc was not meant for Tiger’s gender. Don’t put me in trouble).

What happened to “My daddy is strongest”.

Take my son for example, he likes Justin Bieber so much, that he wants a name change, citizenship change and wants to relocate to US of A. Thank god MJ is with the lord, else my son may have asked for sex change as well.

Not that my son does not ask me questions, he does.  A lot of questions he asks. After getting answers from me, he googles it to learn the real stuff.  Sometimes I think he asks me questions just to reconfirm that his father is an asshole.

I mean, is so much information required?

Should so much information be freely available to children, teachers, politicians and Smriti Irani?

I think google is making all us fathers look like idiots in front of our children.

Come on, my son is only 10 and he knows more about climate than me.  I cannot talk about weather without my son correcting me every two sentences.

Sometimes I feel like telling him that my ignorance pays for his internet but then I back off because he would correct me there as well.

The other day he asked me why black people are black in color, I said it is due to climatic conditions in certain parts of the earth. Then he comes back to me to talk about melanin and other things that I did not know about. I appreciated him and stared at him for a very long time.  He was smiling at me. Luckily for me, I then remembered that he had not done his homework and we started discussing about that. But the bugger had that smile on his face for the rest of the evening.

Today’s children do not believe in violence, atleast I can beat my son there. They talk about how discussions can clear any problems, etc.  Their violence is limited to karate sparring with so much protection, I am surprised they can move at all.

They don’t play marbles, they don’t climb trees, they don’t cheat at board games, they don’t lie, they don’t taddle, they don’t complain to take off from school. I think I should be happy, but too much of virtue is also not good. I think our childhood consisted of all of the above and more, but we did not turn out to be criminals? Some of us may have turned out to be politicians or policemen, but most of us have real jobs which does not require lying on a regular basis.

My conclusion is…..today’s children need a taste of what the real world works like, they are currently lost in virtual world where you can turn off anything you don’t like with a click.