Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Love or first flight

My first love was Anuradha.  I saw her in a basketball ground. She used to come there for coaching and I used to go there for leching.

I remember that she was dark and had short hair and generally not good looking. Sometimes I am not even sure if she was a “She”, but there you go.  

First love, not very specific about looks or even gender, I think.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not gay or anything but thinking about it now, phew.

I practiced how to propose to her for many days and on the D day, messed it up. She rolled her eyes and walked away.

This gets me thinking about puppy love (now, don’t think that I was in love with a puppy).  What makes a boy fall for a girl at that early age.  There can be many contributing factors like loads of free time, peer pressure, demographic imbalance in the gender spread,  parents having successful careers, jobless parents, lenient attendance rules at school, irregular or absence of PTA and of course there is this little thing called hormonal growth and stuff which I don’t believe in (Up yours Darwin or whoever invented it).

What contributed to my first love is a mystery, or atleast I would like it to be that way.

Anyway, it fell flat on its face and thus started my saga of disappointments in life. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened had she accepted to my proposal?

If you ask my wife (which is obviously not Anuradha) she will ask you for her address to beat her up for not accepting.

My marriage is also a love marriage, after proposal, eloping, hardwork (on my wife’s part), facing difficulties in life (on my wife’s part), enjoying (my part), etc.  I am a very happy man today because of love.  Because that is the only thing that is keeping my wife from planning some hideous way of getting rid of me. Ahhhhh, aint love grand?

One more love of my life is my son…….. he absolutely adores me (he also hero worships me – refer to my previous article “My daddy strongest”).  You should see the love in his eyes when I buy him inconsequential things like Rs. 12000/- tab, Rs. 8000/- guitar which he never uses, Rs. 800/- skate board which he does not know how to use, especially when I tell him it is ok to watch TV late in to night on school nights. Such is the grand way of love between father and son.  But my wife disagrees.  What do women know, right? Right?

The fun of following a girl home, letting her know in no uncertain terms that you are interested in her, showing her off to your friends and when she rejects, sulking and using that gap to start smoking and drinking.  Blaming it on her looks. Such is the interesting way a man should grow.  It is important that a boy go through this cycle to be a complete man (wearing Raymonds will only add to confusion).

So guys, take time today to think of your first love and what you did not do to woo her and how thankful you are that she rejected you so that you can be with your wife. (Pssst……..my wife is breathing down my neck).