Monday, 28 April 2014

Rambling - Chapter 8


On popular demand I am writing this article about my home town, Bengaluru.  It is a beautiful city (I know because all the outsiders tell me that).  I am from a very middle class area Malleshwaram.
The history of Bengaluru is a very interesting one which you can find on Google (do some work). History of Malleshwaram is also a very interesting one (Ref : Google again……gotcha).

Bengaluru is a unique city and well known for the year round spring (WAS…..) and daily drizzle (WAS……).

We don’t have any sense of distance.  You ask anybody in Bengaluru “how far is this address?”, he will look at it like Arvind Kejrwal looked at congress manifesto and reply “Ille ide ree”(Its here only sir”).   There are a few words in Bengaluru Kannada which is not present in any other dialect of the state, I will mention two here: Swalpa and Sakath.

You will know a true Banglurian by his answers to the following questions(This is for Bengalurians born in 70’s)

1)      Where do you go to BUY booze after 11.30 in Majestic?
2)      Where is booze supplied if you want to sit and drink say, at 2 in the morning?
3)      Which are the 3 main colleges to visit to improve your mood?
4)      What do you call the leader of a gang?
5)      What will the leader of the gang call you?
6)      What is booze called in Bangaluru?
7)      When planning for a booze party, what do you call it?
8)      When you drink only 90ml and walk out, what is it called?
9)      When you sit and drink with your friends what is it called?
10)   When a Banglurian is trying to convince you, what is the word he uses to address you?
11)   What do you call a beautiful girl? 2 names
12)   What do you call a beautiful married woman?
13)   What a Bengalurian asks a person who speaks in English all the time?
14)   Name the best idli joint in Malleshwaram
15)   Which area do you get the best “Kal Soup”? Name the road.
16)   Name of the theater in Majestic which shows only adult movies.
17)   After 10 pm, what is the charge to hire an auto from anywhere to anywhere?
18)   College in Malleshwaram which houses the easiest girls
19)   Name the bar in Malleshwaram that every boy from Malleshwaram has visited in his life time atleast once
20)   What do Banglurians call a nerd?

You give your answers as comments. Remember that this is specific to my area and it was a loooong time ago.  Just have fun, don’t do research.

More to come on Nammuru…….