Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Rambling - Introduction

Nice title for a short book, heh?......I thought a lot about what to name my book.  I did not actually think a lot, but I definitely spent a lot of time smoking and watching TV and it suddenly came to me. In a way, it is also thinking.  You see….. all you mere mortals have two parts of your brain, right? (Ref : Google) but I have a third part, which actually is a part of the first part (Ref: Personal opinion I arrived at after a few pegs).  So this third part, herewith referred to as the Third Part, is what I call SBID( subconscious  backburner of introspective decision making vortex).  How is that?, come on admit it, you are impressed, right?.  No? shows how much YOU know.  Anyway, this is where I keep the questions to which I need time to think.  Good thing about this SBID is, once you send the question, you don’t have to actually think, after some time (‘sometime’ can be measured in years as well) it gives you the answer, no matter what.  My point is….. wait…….what was my point?.  Wait for some time, I have sent it to SBID. It is coming, it is coming, it is…..well, we shall come back to it later, like I told you, time in SBID can also be measured in years.
Now, what is the reason I wrote this book?.  Well here goes.  One morning, it was a Wednesday, I was looking out the window and thinking about life. No pervert, there was nobody in the opposite window.  I was actually thinking about life.  There is a specific reason why I was thinking about life.  Actually there are two reasons.  Reason One power was out, so watching TV was not an option and the other reason is that my wife would not give me breakfast till I bought her a coconut .  What is the connection you ask? Beats me……something about coconut being the main ingredient for that day’s breakfast.  I refused to climb down three floors and climb back up.  So, anyways, I was looking out the window and thinking about……there she comes.  This time there was somebody in the opposite window. My thought process was interrupted for some time (Can be measured in minutes, depending on how long she stays there).  Ok, We are back now. So, I was thinking about life, how deep it can be, how profound the universe is with all of Amitabh, SRK, Salman and Aamir, how boring it is even without Nasuruddin’s movies, how complicated it is, even without congress manifesto, how divine it is…..there she is again.  Wait for a few minutes………ok we are back.   How divine it is, without Nagma’s claims at being molested……so on and so forth. So, I decided that life is all that and more, depending on how old you are, who you are married to, if you are married to Karadarshin then life is longer and happier, how many kids you have, if you have no kids then refer to “Karadarshin”. This train of thought led me to another train of thought…..which in turn led me to another train of thought.  This third train of thought was about the phrase “train of thought”.  So my question is why can’t it be some other vehicle, why should it be a train?.   Then a miraculous thing happened.  What? No, I did not get breakfast, power came back on and I switched on the TV.  While watching TV I left this thing about life to SBID, see? How it helps? Now are you impressed?, no? ok…..never mind.  The same evening I hit upon this idea of writing memori….memore……a book, yes I wanted to write a book about my thoughts or whatever you may want to call that train thingie.

Honestly, I don’t think much because god has bestowed upon me (only me) with that thing called SBID, so whenever I get an answer from that area of my grey zone I write them down here.  Same as you, I have opinion on almost everything on this earth and beyond. Why, I even have opinion on the Almighty himself.  All I request you to do is to read them as they are, including between lines. Because, if you don’t read between line 1 and line 3, for example, you will miss out on line 2, right?.  See….who ever said that thing about reading between lines, must have failed in every exam, because she (men don’t read between lines, or between meals for that matter) always read half the lesson for her exams.